Best DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas 2019 – Giant Lollipops

candy backdrop
candy backdrop
candy backdrop
giant lollipop prop
giant lollipop props
giant lollipops
Giant Lollipops for Candyland Birthday Party
Giant Lollipops lining down the aisle
gingerbread house
gingerbread house for Christmas
Im excited for the Christmas parade if only ours had floats this nice Ill continue my tradition and be in my usual spot no matter how the floats turn out
Winter Dance Candy Land Theme Pink Lollipop prop

If you need some awesome outdoor DIY Christmas decorations on a budget for 2019 then why not give these giant lollipop sticks a go! You can create an outdoor gingerbread house theme to your yard and add other giant sized candy too! So just follow the awesome tutorial below and you’ll be good to go!

Tutorial Giant Lollipops | Buy on Amazon Pool Noodles $13.49
giant lollipop decorations from Pool noodles and PVC pipe